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Campbell Village Veterinary Clinic promotes happy and healthy pets.Campbell Village Veterinary Clinic promotes happy and healthy pets.

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Dr. Krug’s wife, Julie, has worked on and off at the clinic since its inception in 1978, taking time off here and there to have children, hip and knee replacement and grandkids. She has two married sons, two grandsons and a granddaughter (would you like to see pictures?). When not doing things for the clinic, she enjoys being “Gramma”, watching movies, reading, cooking and baking homemade bread.

Julie Krug, Office Manager

Julie Krug

Office Manager


Office Team

Pet Care Team

The Doctors


There is a lot to be taken care of behind the scenes at Campbell Village, such as maintaining supplies and inventory, scheduling staff, keeping up with continuing education, facility maintenance and keeping everyone happy. Our managers take care of the day-to-day details so the rest of the staff can concentrate on our clients and patients.

Jessica began her career in the Veterinary Field in 1996. She’s the fabric that holds the entire clinic team together. Her “memory of an elephant” is an invaluable resource clinic-wide from client/patient backgrounds to procedure/dosage details. She most definitely has a way with the patients, too! Jessica is married with 2 kids. She has 3 dogs, a cat, and a bird.

Jessica LaGrand Sturlic, Clinic Manager/Lead Technician

Jessica Sturlic

Clinic Manager