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Campbell Village Veterinary Clinic promotes happy and healthy pets.Campbell Village Veterinary Clinic promotes happy and healthy pets.

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Dr. Krug is strongly opposed to using medications purchased through online pharmacies. Many of these have been manufactured in other countries where regulations are much less stringent than in the United States. Anything not purchased from a veterinarian is suspect, even those from “approved” websites. The reason being that the major drug manufacturers do NOT sell to anyone except veterinary clinics. That leaves in question where the websites are obtaining their products from. There have been arrests (see an example article through the link on the left!) involving counterfeit labeling to make products look like the “real thing” and there really isn’t any way for the consumer to know the difference.

We believe the risk of our patients using these drugs warrants our offering to match their prices to prevent any potential ill-effects from using them. The current list of pharmacies we are willing to match pricing with is in the office. Just ask for it! The only way to be sure you are getting the correct and properly formulated medication is to purchase it through a licensed veterinarian.

Campbell Village Veterinary Clinic warns against using medications purchased through online pharmacies.

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