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Canine DNA Opportunities

What’s your dog?

Have you ever wondered what breeds your dog is made of? Mars Veterinary developed the 1st veterinarian-administered mixed breed analysis with a 95% rate of accuracy. They can identify your dog amongst a panel of over 250 breeds. What you see on the outside isn’t always what’s prevalent on the inside. The results might surprise you!

To learn more about the Wisdom Panel and even play a guessing game to try to figure out your dog’s breeds, go to www.whatsmydog.com.

Interested in joining a project?

The Canine Phenome Project has a goal of identifying and resolving both health issues and negative character traits within various dog breeds. To participate in the project, the OWNER of the dog must login to the website at www.caninephenome.org.

Register per instructions and print the test request forms. Be sure to include an email address when registering. Email is how test results are returned to the dog owner.

Make an appointment with the veterinarian after printing sample submission forms. The vet will draw 5 to 10 ml into a LTT and ship it overnight on cold pack on Monday through Thursday only. Complete shipping info is on the downloaded forms.